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Taikang Life Insurance Worked with Shenzhen HarMoniCare Again to Open a New Era of Medical Insurance Cooperation

Author: Date:2018-01-24 14:12:18

At 2:00P.M., December 26th 2017, a 70-person delegation of Taikang Life Insurance Company Shenzhen Branch led by GM LIU Tao paid a visit to Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women& Children’s Hospital, conducted an in-depth exchange on the cooperation program and at last reached the "Jian-Bao-Tong" cooperation and concluded the agreement.

This was another in-depth cooperation between Taikang Life Insurance Company Shenzhen Branch and Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women& Children’s Hospital after their formal conclusion of the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on July 4th 2017.  


It’s learnt that "Jian-Bao-Tong" could connect the computer system of both parties and achieve the real-time data transmission through a unique special line. The clients could complete the nature determination of claim during their hospitalization and complete the whole claim settlement process when they are discharged from the hospital. They could get the claim compensation when they leave the hospital, so it's very convenient and fast.

In the new situation under the influence of fast scientific and technological changes, the clients' behavior and habits are greatly affected by the network and they prefer the much more convenient and faster service experience, and this also facilitates the insurance pattern to transform, to innovate and to upgrade. Regarding both commercial insurance service and health care service, combination of cooperative advantages, systematic integration of resources and use of instant technology are the trend of their development.

To answer the call of the time and policies, the strong association between Taikang Life Insurance and Shenzhen HarMoniCare has further upgraded and broaden the business scope of "Jian-Bao-Tong" and allowed the insurance and medical organization to cooperate and march into the time of Security and Health 2.0 hand in hand.

Both sides ceaselessly improve their business ability and open more resources for cooperation. They work together to promote the innovation, optimization and upgrading of the medical services and medical care, laying a good foundation for the smooth operation of the medical care service system in future.