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Harmonicare Medical Annual Working Meeting 2018 Held in Beijing

Author: Date:2018-01-24 14:19:03

In the morning of January 11th, Harmonicare Medical Annual Working Meeting 2018 was held grandly in Beijing and LIN Yuming, Chairman of the Board, attended the meeting with other officials. Representatives of Taikang Group, representatives of Harmonicare Medical Headquarters and 200 more medical and management elites from subordinate units also attended the meeting.

The meeting was themed by “New Times, New Thought and New Changes”. The Chairman LIN Yuming delivered an annual working report, specified the planning, the work emphasis and the direction for the work of the year of 2018. LIN Yuming instructed, “We need to develop our work by centering on two things, i.e. one is to pay close attention to the performance evaluation for completion of tasks, and one is to strengthen the execution power of employees. Meanwhile, we need to realize the strategic layout of the group, improve the corporate governance structure, boost the corporate management benefit and service quality, and ceaselessly intensify the corporate competitiveness.”

Chairman LIN raised the expectations for all staff in 2018, i.e. “Enter a new era, apply new thinking, embody new changes, raise new demands, achieve new goals and complete new tasks”.


In the meeting, all functional departments of the Headquarters delivered a work report and made a summary of the lessons they learnt in the year of 2017 and made a report of their key emphasis in work of 2018. All departments expressed that they would never forget their original intention and they would work hard and forge ahead to reach the goal of Harmonicare Medical in 2018 under the leadership of Chairman LIN Yuming.


Beijing HarMoniCare, Fuzhou Modern, Nantong Hemeijia, Fuling Harmonicare and many other characteristic hospitals also shared their successful experience and won the applause from the participants of the meeting.