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Modern Express: Nantong Hemeijia’s Head Nurse Performs First Aid at the Airport

Author: Date:2018-06-13 00:00:00

News Lead: On June 9, a touching scene was staged at Dali Airport in Yunnan Province. GE Yinghua, a head nurse of delivery room of Hemeijia Maternity and Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital, a member of Harmonicare Medical, gave a helping hand in time and assisted a passenger who was suffering from hypoglycemia and coma to escape the danger smoothly.

(This article is reprinted from Modern Express)

Modern Express News (Reporter YAN Junchen, Intern ZHOU Xuehui) When the plane is about to take off, suddenly someone in the crowd fell down. How do you choose if you are a medical staff? Recently, GE Yinghua, a head nurse working for a hospital in Nantong, encountered such a multiple-choice question, but she did not hesitate to carry out emergency treatment. The Modern Express reporter learned that, after the correct treatment by Ge Yinghua, the fainting young man quickly regained consciousness and she stepped on the plane accurately.


Nantong Hemeijia’s Head Nurse GE Yinghua rescues people at the airport

It is understood that GE Yinghua, at the age of 41, is the head nurse of the delivery room of Nantong Hemeijia Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital, a member of Harmonicare Medical. She and her colleagues received training in Yunnan in the past two days, and they were going to take the flight back to Nantong on the afternoon of June 9. At about 1:20 pm that day, GE Yinghua and her colleagues rushed to the airport. When registering their baggage, they suddenly heard someone shouting behind them: “Someone has fainted!”

Hearing the cry for help, GE Yinghua immediately turned to check the situation of the fainted people, though her flight was about to take off. “He is a young man at the age about 20. He was already out of consciousness and very weak and pale. His pulse was feeble.” GE Yinghua told Modern Express reporter that she quickly made a judgment based on her first aid knowledge that the guy did not have the time to have a lunch before catching the plane, so the sudden symptom was caused by the low blood sugar.

After that, GE Yinghua got a candy from her colleague and fed it to the guy. After a few minutes, the guy’s face finally turned red, and he slowly recovered consciousness. GE Yinghua quickly went to the store to buy bread and drinks. She warned the guy to add energy immediately and told his accompanying companion to send him to the infirmary at the airport to observe the follow-up situation.

After the guy learned that GE Yinghua saved him, he thanked her repeatedly. At this time, GE Yinghua recalled that her flight was about to take off, so she ran to the departure gate with her colleagues and finally stepped on the plane “accurately”.

“In fact, I took a plane for the first time, so I don’t know what would happen if I missed it. But as a medical staff, saving people has become my instinct”, GE Yinghua told the Modern Express reporter that if a non-medical staff encounters such a situation of emergency, it is recommended to contact the hospital or call the police for help.