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The 7th Finance Summit Kicks off and Harmonicare Medical Wins the Award of Industry Influence Brand

Author: Date:2018-08-27 14:01:40

(This article is reprinted from: Tencent)

On July 19, 2018, the 7th China Finance Summit was held in Beijing, at which Harmonicare Medical Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Harmonicare Medical”) won the “2018 Industry Influence Brand” Award granted by the Organizing Committee. Mr. REN Jinhui, Vice President of Harmonicare Medical Group attended the event.


Mr. REN Jinhui, Vice President of Harmonicare Medical Group, accepts the award

As one of the most influential platforms for ideological exchanges in China’s economy field, the Financial Summit adheres to the tenant of holding a high-quality summit and builds a platform for political elites, business leaders, outstanding persons in economics, entrepreneurs and new youth representatives. According to the information, this Summit will focus on the theme of “New Journey of China’s New Economy in the New Era”, jointly explore the new concept of China’s economic development in the new era and recommend China’s economic upgrading path.

According to the organizer, this Summit has added several forums such as “Smart Retail”, “Smart Healthcare”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Finance Technology” and “Wealth Management”, etc. At present, standing on the new starting point of historical economic development achievements and changes, more and more commercial forces are rising one after another and gradually changing the world.


Harmonicare Medical wins the award of “2018 Industry Influence Brand”

According to the information, Harmonicare Medical was founded in 2003. Engaged in medical investment, hospital management, brand operation, it has 14 brand chain hospitals in core cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chongqing, etc. On July 7, 2015, Harmonicare Medical successfully got listed in Hong Kong, which greatly enhanced the brand’s popularity and solidified its industry leading position. For this award, LIN Yuming, founder of Harmonicare Medical, said, “to stand out from the crowd and take a dominant position in the industry for a long time, the brand shall keep good customer’s reputation. To some extent, it is customer reputation and trust that has created the credibility of the Harmonicare brand. Therefore, the status in the industry is only the result, and the constant accumulation of user reputation is the work we have to do.”

It is the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening up this year. China’s economic development has experienced a transition from the enduring impoverishment and long-standing debility to the prosperity of nation and power of people. The CPC’s 19th National Congress has also specified the instructions on the future economic development orientation: transformation from high-speed growth phase to high-quality development phase. “Driven by the policies, Harmonicare Medical always adheres to the ‘customer-centric’ service concept, constantly optimizes services, treats customers well, responds to customer demands in a timely manner, and lives up to customers’ expectations. A successful enterprise cannot succeed without social support, and how to give back to the society is also a matter worth pondering and actions of enterprises”, LIN Yuming stated.