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Harmonicare Medical’s 2017 Annual Results Announcement Conference Is Held

Author: Date:2018-05-22 14:22:00

On the morning of March 21, 2018, Harmonicare Medical Holdings Limited (Stock Code: HK.1509) held its 2017 Annual Results Announcement Conference at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. Mr. LIN Yuming, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. CHEN Wei, Vice President and Mr. REN Jinhui, Vice President of Harmonicare Medical as well as Mr. ZHU Zhengwang, representative from Taikang, attended the conference.


LIN Yuming, Chairman of the Board of Directors and other leaders of Harmonicare Medical attend the conference

Vice President CHEN Weifirst reviewed the 2017 annual results, and Chairman LIN Yuming subsequently shared the strategic layout and prospects of the Group with investors and media reporters present. He said: “For the existing hospitals, the Group will increase management efforts,strictly manage department construction, capacity construction and cultural construction and ensure improved profitability of existing hospitals.In addition, the Group has established new high-end women’s and children’s hospitals in Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Harbin and Wuxi, etc. and continues to seek for high-quality merger targets in first & second-tier cities and economically developed areas. In 2018, the Group will increase its investment in innovative and derivative businesses while engaged in its main business, build Harmonicare Medical’s healthy and ecological closed loop, strive to achieve effective breakthroughs in postpartum rehabilitation, medical cosmetology and other value-added services in 2018, and make greater contribution to the Group’s performance growth.


Chairman LIN Yuming is delivering a speech

The investors and media reporters present asked questions enthusiastically. In the Q&A section, Mr. ZHU Zhengwang, representative from Taikang Group, affirmed the strategic cooperation between Taikang and Harmonicare and expressed his firm belief in the long-term development of Harmonicare.


Conference Venue