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  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Operation Principle
  • Service Aim

  Brand Interpretation

  “He (harmony)” in our Chinese brand ‘He Mei’, is the essence of Chinese traditional culture. It means harmony, peace and amiability, so it is the symbol of content, joy and happiness.

  “Mei (beauty)” refers to beauty and goodness. It is related to women’s best time in life. It consists of beauty of pregnancy, nature and tenderness.

  While our English brand name ‘Harmonicare’ has the similar sound to the international brand Hermès, which suggests high-grade and international medical service. Every Harmonicare branch is dedicated to providing all families with medical service of international quality.

  Our Logo

  The logo is a token of love, family and bliss.

  The image looks like a respectable and loving mother with her baby in her arms. It implies that we deliver love, care for women and help women and children to set up a healthy, harmonious, good and happy home. The heart means we bring women health and happiness with our love, patience, care and responsibility. Warm orange is similar to gold, which suggests modest luxury. It matches our high-grade and international style.