Medical Investment

We are dedicated to investing women and children’s hospitals and relevant medical projects. Mr. Lin Yuming, founder of the Company, has 20 years’ experience in medical investment. The core team members have over 10 years of experience. They have insight into potential opportunities in the industry.

Hospital Management

We have been through the most important ten years in Chinese medical reform. We are familiar with all hospital management modes. We have made many active and beneficial attempts. Our experience is valuable to our peers. In addition we are willing to share it for development of Chinese medical cause. Besides, we are also involved in system reform and entrusted management of public hospitals, and private hospitals’ entrusted management.

Brand Operating

The “Harmonicare” brand has certain social influence in the high-end private medical industry in China. This has benefited from our focus on brand culture and our dedication to the brand’s connotation over the years. We are willing to work with like-minded investors and enterprises to establish hospitals and seek for common development with the help of “Harmonicare” brand and the integration of our business model and management philosophy.