We are dedicated to providing women and children with first-class medical service.

Most directors and academic leaders f Harmonicare’s hospitals are held by well-known directors of gynaecology and obstetrics of top three hospitals, directors of maternal and child care service centers or local well-known obstetrics and gynecology specialists. The hospitals are equipped with exported or industry-leading facilities and equipments. Besides, our proportion of nurse and sickbeds is much higher than national standard of China.

Harmonicare mainly focuses on providing patient-oriented and high-quality individualized medical services. We set up guiding service to guide customers to enter into medical process and arrange personal assistant for each doctor to guide or accompany patients till finish the whole diagnosis process, and such personnel could answer customers’ questions on medical service, service process or others. 

Harmonicare also provides such intimate services including online view on health physical examination report, post-paid service after diagnosis, breakfast for limosis examination, nutritious meals for pregnant woman, online payment via Alipay, which are very convenient for customers. 

Service of Maternity Ward

Harmonicare provides service from preparing, pregnancy, birth to puerperal period. 

We adopt the system of ‘first doctor responsible’. Namely, the same doctor will be responsible for one patient, to ensure that the doctor is family with patient’s condition and recovery. Our hospital is attentive to convenience and comfort of the pregnant. All medical service can be ordered in advance (a certain expert can be appointed). Examination results can be seen through the internet. We provide single rooms and luxury suites of enough quantity to satisfy patients’ demand for peace and reception.

Our maternity team boasts notable experts from 3A hospitals, so we are able to receive patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension, severe anemia, heart disease and other high-risk mothers, and mothers of multiple births. Each hospital is fully equipped with advanced medical equipment to ensure safety of mothers and babies. 

For clients’ demand, we provide nutritional counseling and oral care during pregnancy, postpartum physical recovery and care, TCM, breast surgery, neonatal physical training and other ancillary services.

If possible, we encourage natural birth and bread feeding, which is beneficial to both. We also give free lectures with respect to maternity health in order to publicize healthy birth ideas.

Maternity Service

Harmonicare offers quality and professional maternity service. Unlike traditional hospitals, we divide it by disease and invite notable experts of each field to ensure a more effective and professional treatment. We are the first apply minimally invasive technology to treatment of gynecological diseases, so that we have advantage in treatment of all kinds of gynecological inflammation, functional disorders of the female reproductive system and of gynecological tumors with minimally invasive techniques, endometriosis, female reproductive tract abnormalities, pelvic floor tissue disease of structural variation of elderly female. We also provide birth control management, testing and treatment of infertility, menopause health, women's health and women's preventive inspection management services to meet the needs of patients for comprehensive gynecological services.

Harmonicare experts committee discusses and diagnoses difficult gynecological cases on a regular basis, and invites well-known experts to discuss and improve the strength of our technology in the field of gynecology.

Fully considering women’s special psychological needs in gynecological treatment, we adopt medical appointment. In diagnosing, a doctor will only receive one patient at one time in a special room to protect his privacy.


Pediatric medical service is direct extension. We provide general outpatient service, neonatal intensive care, infant hospitalization, child health clinics, breast milk nutritional analysis, intellectual evaluation and growth guidance, physical examination and assessment and other personalized services.

Some hospitals also provide dental and medical beauty services.